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On 1 April, the county council and seven district and borough councils will become one – North Yorkshire Council.

The council will become the geographically largest council in England but is being built with local at its heart and aims to be the most local, large council in the country.

It is committed to working closely with town and parish councils, as well as wider partners and communities to ensure that local priorities drive locally led decision-making and local action via community networks.

Staff who currently serve residents will continue to provide the services that they deliver now. A main office will be retained in each former district area and will be supported by a further 30 local customer access points in places people go in the future. There will be one phone number and one website, making sure access to support and services will be easier whilst ending the current confusion that exists over which council does what.

By making this change now, it gives North Yorkshire Council the best possible chance to protect our valued services at a time of exceptional financial pressures and high demand. Joining up services will allow the council to maximise spending power, meaning there is potential savings of between £30 million and £70 million which will then become annual savings. This money can be used to protect some of the most important local services at a critical time when everyone and every organisation is feeling the pressure.

The Council will have a strong voice and will work with the county’s six MPs to ensure that Government understands and acts on the issues that affect residents and businesses. It will advocate for the best possible opportunities. A clear economic strategy that plays to the county’s strengths and supports environmentally friendly business growth means it will be business friendly. By having one council, we can strengthen the county’s cultural offer, lobby for a greater share of funding for arts and culture, and support a year-round visitor economy.  

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Lorry Watch –  this is an issue that seems to be on the increase in the village, to report a vehicle not complying with the 7.5 ton limit through the village, please click here for a printable version or here for a version you can complete online of the form and further information to help you complete.

Energy Rebate Scam – please be aware

North Yorkshire Police have received a number of reports over from residents who have received a text message to apply for the £400 energy rebate.

This is a scam. The rebate is applied directly by the energy companies and you do not have to apply for it.

The text message encourages the user to click on a link and is then asked to input banking details. I suspect the format will then follow similar scams (Royal Mail Delivery/Covid contact) where the victim will subsequently receive a call claiming to be from their bank telling them they are monitoring suspicious activity on their account and they need to move their money to protect it.

Remember, the police or bank will NEVER ask you to move money to a safe account.

You can report scam text messages by forwarding them to 7726 which is a free service

Neighbourhood Alert for the attention of Motorhome and Campervan Owners

Police are warning motorhome and campervan owners in North Yorkshire to take extra precautions, after numerous reports of suspicious activity.

Inspector Clive Turner, of North Yorkshire Police’s Rural Task Force, said: “Please remember, you aren’t obliged to buy anything from or sell anything to doorstep callers. Rogue traders often try to take advantage of householders by using high-pressure sales techniques, or may even be looking for opportunities to steal vehicles or property.
“It’s clear that a group of people are deliberately visiting homes in North Yorkshire with campervans parked outside, so it’s extremely important that if you own one, you double-check your security measures.
“In many cases, we have been able to respond to reports of suspicious activity by increasing patrols and visiting homes to gather evidence and provide crime prevention advice – so those responsible will find it increasingly difficult to target vehicles in our area.
“I’d urge everyone to remain vigilant, and follow our security advice. And if you are aware of suspicious activity, such as people appearing to take an interest in parked campervans or other high-value vehicles, contact North Yorkshire Police on 101.”

  • Write your vehicle identification number (VIN) in several hidden places within the camper van. Use a permanent marker to write the VIN on the underside of drawers, in cupboards, and on wooden surfaces. Etch the VIN onto the windows using a diamond tipped engraver. This makes the vehicle easy to identify if it’s stolen.
  • Always lock all doors and windows every time you leave your campervan. Check and lock your roof light and gas compartment as well.
  • Do not leave personal or valuable items on display inside the vehicle. Consider forensic and security marking your personal items. In particular, never leave vehicle registration documents inside the campervan – they can help a thief to sell it on.
  • Fix lock nuts or wheel clamps to the wheels.
  • Block in the campervan behind a locked gate, or with another vehicle parked in front of it.
  • Fit a tracking device and an alarm, and switch this on every time you leave your campervan – even if it’s just for a short time. Keep your keys with you at all times.

Call police on 101 to report suspicious people and vehicles appearing to take an interest in campervans or other high-value vehicles. If a crime is in progress, dial 999.

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Selby Treasures Exhibition, This exhibition is now virtual and available to view online. Visit the website for the Selby Treasures Online Exhibition.

How to report non emergency offences to the Police.

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